This homepage is a place of timeless tranquility and informative reflection. A digital island in the stormy depths of the internet, which is shaped by quickness, topicality, and impermanence. This is why the internet is a binary maelstrom, which constantly strives for new information, a maelstrom that is displeased if it is not the first to break through the www.-finish-line. A symbolic hexadecimal hurricane, eager after information. An insane (data) gatherer, whos house is crammed to the roof. A gatherer, only driven by his lust for more.

This page breaks this digital conventions and steps in as a contradiction. A soft counter melody to the agressive staccato of the world wide web. News are placed elsewhere, where they can be obtained quick and  simple, where the broad mass can easily access it. The calm and quiet realms of this homepage are used to bring you peace, where your thoughts dwell upon the ideas of this cyber-hometown. This place is not used to reflect already known information, it is not used to rehash the obvious.

In short, and somehow picturesque: The soil, vegetation, mountains and river system are only commited to tranquility, slowliness and stagnation, as well as the idea of viewing and staying in front of an omnipresent attraction.