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War, Dix 1932 Entry 4 It is all about seeing the things how they really are. This is necessary for true realism. You can not paint indignation. You have to say Yes to human statements which are present, and always will ...

V!C!M! #Triptychon: Der Krieg

Album, Otto Dix

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The Trench, Dix 1923 The first two cycles have shown the consequences of war. Its influence on the environment and its influence on the inner level. The question for the nature of war has lead us into deeper mind regions ...

V!C!M! #Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge

Album, Eduard Manet, Otto Dix

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Wounded Soldier, Dix 1916 The first part is now behind us and the monochrome etchings of Callot are replaced by the work of de Goya. We continue on the timeline and stop at 1817, and simultaniously in 1916. Dix created ...

V!C!M! #Desastres de la guerra

Album, Francisco de Goya, Otto Dix

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Self-Portrait as Mars, Dix 1915 Vivito! Creato! Moritor! (V!C!M!) reflects the works of four artists, who portrayed war or, to be more precise, the nature of war, in one or more of their works. It captures their ideas and ...

V!C!M! #Les Grandes Misères de la Guerre

Album, Jaques Callot, Otto Dix