V!C!M! #Behind the Cult: Markus Eck


Markus Eck, 2012

Numerous axes, pistons and gears which creak, clatter and buzz are the mechanics that push a band forward. If you start making music – well, that´s how I personally experienced it – you do it with an almost childlike naivety, paired with the expectation, that the music will establish by itself. The idea that you soon will be heard, that you will be “discovered” all by  your music. However, this expectation misleads you. There are countless bands that are worse or better than you. Further, to be heard as a band means actually to call out a friendly greating, but a simple “hello” won´t be heard. Except if you have a bullhorn. And this bullhorn, our bullhorn, is named Markus Eck!

If I have to describe him with one word it would be passionate. That´s why I would not wonder if his picture would be beside the dictonary entry for “metal fan”, because that´s what he mainly is: a huge fan of this genre. This long-term passion and love for music made him found his own online magazine, namely Metalmessage. That´s how the fan became a well known member of the music business. The longer he worked on his magazine and the more intense his contact with bands became, the more he recognized how hard it can be for bands to become famous, especially in the beginning of their carreer.

As a man of words, like he is known for, Markus decided to take this opportunity to use his influence and his contacts, to help the bands he felt connected with. This is the path, so to speak, of the author who became promoter, of the freelancer who became manager and of the metal fan who became an even bigger metal fan.

The first time I contacted him, I felt all of these characteristics. Every single word, spoken so calm and collected, convinced that I have chosen the right person for our promotional work and beyond. If you are in a band, you have countless ideas that go beyond the music itself. You have a big expectation and often get lost in the details. A hint from outside is therefore necessary and can be extremely helpfull. And with Markus on your side, I know that this view is always present.

My first impression did not change up to the present day, but further even intensified with every point we discuss and process for you out there.

M.X. on November, 11, 2013

Markus Eck does not only work as promoter, he also has his own webzine Metalmessage  and works as a free author, for example, for EMP.

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