V!C!M! #Coverart


Cover, Strauss 2013

Creating the cover artwork for a CD is a demanding challenge with several hurdles to take: 1. you have to fullfill the expectations of every single band member. 2. you have to create a picture, which contains the ideas of a whole set of songs 3. you have to visualize something, that attracts attention and triggers curiosity, so that you take the LP out of the shelf and listen to it.

First of all, M.X. phoned me and asked me to design their merchandise. After finishing it, the phone rang again, now they asked me for the design of a logo and a CD cover. The logo was a rather simple task for me as designer, however, to create a cover I had to immerse deeper into the concept of the album. Crawling deeper, smelling death; crawling into this dark and cold hole where war is lurking. You close you eyes and imagine a framework for the picture. What is the idea behind the LP? Which sort of music is coming out of the speakers? Which intentions do the songs have? And you start to think…

The creative room is surrounding these three axis and slowly but steadily pictures, colors and shapes come to mind. They begin to find their spot in this three dimensional space and condense into a theme. The connections you make with an album like this are clear: helmet, death, smoke, fog, remains, ruins… What is not so clear is how you arrange this few images into art.

Helmet and skull are the center of the cover. Two of the symbols seem profane, but on a closer look, we see that the light beam and the flowers are actually key elements. The dark, earth-like colors have a disturbing effect on the image as a whole. The beam of light touches the flowers on the left part of the cover, representing the life that follows death. But which life? The botanists amongst you may recognize the flowers and now which life I describe…

Siegfried Strauss studied graphics design (College Ferlach (Grafik&Produkt Design) & Kingston University London (MA, Product and Space Design)) and runs his own office called Cruzkustoms. He already worked with bands like Taped, Counterweight, Distorted Impalement, and many more. Besides the cover he also did the design for the merchandise, logo and album design in general. Sigi also is the drummer for the Slam-Metal-Combo Distorted Impalement.

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