V!C!M! #Des Teufels Bluthund


Plate 81: ¡Fiero monstruo!, de Goya 1810s

[names of the songs and all lyrics are loosely translated, for the original lyrics in german please visit the german section of our homepage]

Des Teufels Bluthund (The devil´s bloodhound) is close to Der Krieg in mir (The war within) in a thematical sense but the concept of disputing identities is now taken further. The influence of war on the individual is now reduced to its bones. The madness is triggered by war and gets closer to the surface and is manifestating as bloodhound. The song starts calmly and pushes towards the ryhme which starts with the melody.

Ryhme 1

I start running, don´t look back,

nowhere it is save for me.

Accompanied by my fear of death,

it´s the unseen monster that scares me.

War gets ripped of another realistic component. He still advances deeper into the inside and claims piece after piece. It´s the influence on the personality of the character which is in the focus, just as de goya shows in many of his pictures.

Ryhme 2

He picked up the scent,

how am I going to escape?

This is where the track really starts. Up from now ther will be no pause anymore, and it turns out that war even influences its victims during its physical absence. He was there and will be there, ever and he will return, just as the chorus.


The devil´s bloodhound is chasing my trail,

that´s why I am still awake.

If I try to close my eyes,

I just hear the crunch of jaws.

What is left is the knowledge that war influences everything and everybody, it is not his nature to let things how they were. This fact seems profane, but this is firstly shown in de Goyas work and this fact is portrayed in The devil’s bloodhound.

Μ.Χ. on December, 03, 2013

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