V!C!M! #Desastres de la guerra

Verwundeter Soldat 1916

Wounded Soldier, Dix 1916

The first part is now behind us and the monochrome etchings of Callot are replaced by the work of de Goya. We continue on the timeline and stop at 1817, and simultaniously in 1916. Dix created his cycle War, which was the foundation of several more works to follow. He captures the horrors of war which may differ from de Goya and Callot on the outside, but are the same on the inside.

Entry 2

Bloated, as if they are going to explode in a second. Dark, nearly black. Killed by gas. The left hand is torn away, the right one is cramped in pain, covering a whole in the torso where the guts are nearly hanging out. The face, distorted. The mouth widely opened, just like the eyes. One of many wounded. Another one is hardly recognizable as human anymore, hit by many bullets, with only pieces left. Last night, patroling: Smiling, the uniform torn to pieces, a figure ran through the trench. Just another victim that joins the undead circle.

The Brits let a hail of artillery down on us. And we are sitting in the trench; eating, waiting, sleeping. The trench was dug where several soldiers were buried. Now the legs and arms are hanging into it. It happens all the time. You get scared down in the trench, but if you are at the frontline, you aren´t scared anymore. Just when we won a few meters, we walk through blood and bodies. Men who found their death in our hail of bullets. You can´t think of such, if you haven´t seen if with own eyes.

As “Self-Portrait of Mars” was showing some kind of heroic aura, it is now lost completely. Dix said, you can´t think of such, if you haven´t seen if with own eyes. Later on, he will order his thoughts and put it on paper, which happend to be True Realism. The song drives the story of Dix forward. The music gets into the background and becomes the vehicle that is only dedicated to the thoughts of Dix. Melodies get torn apart, rhythms get broken and harmonies get mangled. The song is as erratic as an inner monologue. The sky darkens and the high feeling from Strappado disappears. The foundation is made for the world of de Goya, lambent and poisonous.

 Μ.Χ. on November,20, 2013

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