V!C!M! #Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge


The Trench, Dix 1923

The first two cycles have shown the consequences of war. Its influence on the environment and its influence on the inner level. The question for the nature of war has lead us into deeper mind regions of a war participant and also closer to an answer. As the first cycle focused on descriptive elements on battle, murder, weapons, and ruined landscapes, the focus shifted in the second block. The picturesque elements vanish and you start to realize the background of everything. Dix returned from war and starts to work on his biggest piece. He already knows what he wants to portray but he is lacking in craftsmanship.


I learned drawing models at the Dresden Academy. I learned the capturing of silhouettes. In the Friedrichstädter Hospital I drawed corpses, worked on the portrayal of brains, lungs, and other guts. In the catacombs of Palermo I spent my time on drawing bones, piece after piece. Frame, 2.27 times 2.5, covered with barbaric material to honor the barbarity which it is going to contain. The observer is projected into the trench. Remains everywhere: bent iron bars, splintered wood, wire and gasmasks. Everything mixed with blood, guts and meat. Worms drill their way out of dead soldiers, contrary to the everything else, shining in pure white. One is impaled, behind him, a beautiful morning dawn. Cruel and full of disgust, this is how war is. Flashes from granades, cadavers of humans and animals; fleeing, screaming and dying humans. But, I don´t want to portray fear, I just want to portray my experiences, purify them from being earthbound. I want to show that real, human bravery lies within overcoming unreasonable dying.

We get closer to a final depiction, the core of the LP. The grade of abstraction intensifies even more. We will shortly cross The Trench again, but firstly we have to deal with a last facet: the presence of war even he absent. A paradox which becomes cruel reality in Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge.

 Μ.Χ. on December,19, 2013

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