V!C!M! #Die Grauen des Krieges


Plate 32: ¿Por qué?, de Goya 1810s

[names of the songs and all lyrics are loosely translated, for the original lyrics in german please visit the german section of our homepage]

The 82 pictures of Desastres de la Guerre reach from an explicit portrayal on the brutality of war up to describing the consequences such as starvation, helplessness of civilians, and ignorance of the reigning hierarchy. The 82 pictures create a catechism on war and cover all fields. Die Grauen des Krieges is a collage of madness, hate, and desparation. This is the last track from the cycle of de Goya and a summary and destillate of the 82 pictures. This is why I let the lyrics speak for themselves.

Rhyme 1

Scars decorate the body…

The smell of burned flesh…

Bloody corpses everywhere…

All life has faded…

Rhyme 2

Mortal agony gnaws on the bone…

Deathly cold does the rest…

The finger is shivering on the trigger…

Is it right or is it wrong?


What have you done to me?

How could you break me?

I once followed,

a strong path.

But what I have experienced,

has broken my spirit.

Rhyme 3

A picture you won´t forget,

it burns into your soul.

Soldier´s lives taken,

their family won´t ever know.

Rhyme 4

Day after day there is just misery.

You only see death and pain.

Nobody talks of winning anymore.

Only the death know the end of war.

Die Grauen des Krieges is a song, which reveals its full potential only after several times hearing it. It also introduces an element which later on will be also used in Totengeigen. This is how the cycle ends and we return to Dix.

Μ.Χ. on December, 12, 2013

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