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Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge, Manet 1870

[names of the songs and all lyrics are loosely translated, for the original lyrics in german please visit the german section of our homepage]

Now we concentrate on the lower part of the picture. If we mentally blind out the upper part we can see a landscape which seems to continue endlessly. Grey and bleak. Endless, eternal. But from a musical perspective the song Ewigkeit [Eternity] seems rich in variety:

“Speed, brutality, drama – Ewigkeit is a textbook example. The free shifts between Waltz time and common time are like a ride on a rollercoaster”  Φ.Ω.

This even intensifies the contrast between the music and the monotony of the picture. The tendency to Waltz time is the strongest in this song and it seems that Austrians, even if they won´t admit it, are born with Waltz in their hearts.

Rhyme 1

The shadows are wandering through the land.

I follow them through grey walls.

An icy ocean is my only path.

The voices of the dead break the night.

My only friend during such times…

My last friend is called eternity.

We finally reached a point where war is only present in the mind. Something floating, nebulous and untouchable. He has lost his matter and but still seems to pervade everything.


I move on, across dead ground,

through a forest of crosses, into infinity.

I move on, across cold ground,

through walls of fog, into eternity.

Throughout the LP, throughout our journey along the roads of time, back and forth, we reached a point on which we are released by war in a classical way and where we can experience something unusual. This finding overcomes us unexpectedly, such as the shift upt to the second rhyme. Like a hit with a sledge hammer, this finding hits us hard and we do not understand what war is, what it is, or you don´t fear him until you havent experienced it on your own.

 Rhyme 2

I will continue, accompanied by shadows,

to herald solitude.

The moon lightens my path,

but it is too late for myself.

You only recognize it if you have experienced it by yourself. Despite the cruelties and horrors we already have experienced via pictures and tales, does war still can be this abstract that we only understand him if we are about to get crushed by his rotten jaws?


I will continue, accompanied by shadows,

until I´m released by a leaden kiss.

Hosten by a grave in red,

my shelter for eternity.

We understand, but only if it´s too late. We always understand too late and then we tend to forget. Another song, a last song, we enter the stage accompanied by Totengeigen [The Violins of the Dead].

Μ.Χ. on, January, 02 2014

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