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The Tree of Blood, Wedenig 2013

Just as in the design of the cover, the interaction between theme and music was enormously important in the remaining artwork too. The digipack and its three areas provided much more space for creativity than the sole area of the cover. Another objective was that I had to comply with the concept of the triptych, which was also the idea of the musically concept.

With these objectives in mind, I started drawing. First I created only sketches, and intense talks with the band helped me to get closer to idea what is now called “The Tree of Blood”. Pencil became drawing ink, then embellished with red and purple watercolors and some emphasized features in acrylic dark red. A guideline to this artwork could be the understanding it as a chronology of war:

Left Wing: Temptation

The left upper part of the picture displays war as seducer. He attracts its victims via honor and strength, epitomized by the medal in the mouth of the snake. The hand tries to grab it, ignoring that this honor is already coverd in blood.

Middle Part: War

The mid part of the picture is fully claimed by the trunk of the tree. His bark is soaked in blood and displays the dead ideas and ideals of humans who lost their lives to war. I think this strongly reduced portrayal of war without scenes of battles, smoke or ruins is what makes this picture so threatening. War becomes something organic and living, something that keeps growing and must be fed.

Right Wing: Consequence

Very explicit portrayal of the consequences of war. The human being recognizes the true face of war and is not able to life with this knowledge anymore. He turns away from the cruelty and absurdity, takes off his military equipment and hangs himself. If you compare this wing to the left one, you might notice that all promises were just an empty shell.

Lower Wing: Fuel

The conclusion is found in the roots of the tree. They penetrate the bodies of two victims, which represent all victims of war. Now, we also understand the colors of the tree, further, now we know that it is the blood of human beings which feeds war.

What attracts attention is the soft red of the tree and the again soft purple of the snake which are in contrast to dark red blood stains on the medal, hand and bodies. It seems like the tree has not drunk enough blood and his thirst will only be satisfied as every human on earth is consumed by him.

M. Wedenig on October, 14, 2013

M. Wedenig was not only responsible for the inlay and drawing of the back of the album, he further added the accoustic guitar on Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge, which also added another level to the song.

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