V!C!M! #Merchandise


T-Shirt (available in S, M, L and XL)

Wearing a shirt of a band I love to listen to was something special to me since ever. When I got the shirt of Malevolent Creation from “The Will to Kill” at the age of 17, I was so proud that I refused to let it be cut up when I was brought to hospital with a collarbone fracture. I loved the shirt that much. As we started thinking of a design I wanted to generate exactly such feelings. A strong and elegant design which would create physical pain if it was destroyed.


Tanktop (available in S, M and L)

After a long search Δ.Ρ. finally discoverd the motif. It origins from a daily Paris newspaper which was printed from 1863 up to 1944. The picture shows an oversized death who reaps through an incredible crowd of peolple. The reason for this picture was the anew cholera epidemic which started of in 1899 in India and up until 1923 killed off over 8.000.000 people on its way through the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and Russia.


Hoodie (available in M, L and XL)

Sigi, of Cruzkustoms adopted the picture and altered it into this horror, brought to life via black and gold screen print. The pictures are as perfectly arranged as the band shooting, again, by Michael Kropfberger. Special thanks are dedicated to our models Sophia (Pussy Metal Crew) and Paul (Vempire Tattoo) and of course Julia, our make-up artist who also did the mise-en-scène. The merchandise is available via Cursed Records, Gravity Entertainment or if you conatact us via this form.


M.X. on Dezember,9, 2013

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