V!C!M! #Tod und Teufel


Plate 5: Le pillage, Callot 1633

[names of the songs and all lyrics are loosely translated, for the original lyrics in german please visit the german section of our homepage]

Tod und Teufel [Death and the Devil] is the third track and also the shortest track on the album. This songs does not make any prisoners. After a gentle introduction it continues staccato-like with a smooth jazz beat and culminates in the rhyme. It is a manifestation of chaos but also remains structured. If you look at Le pillage you recognize the chaos, the numerous actions that happen simultaniously and seduce the eyes to inspect the picture wakefully.

Ryhme 1

The grim reaper is constantly on my side.

He feeds the thirst, the demand for blood.

I often think, he is the beast,

cloaked as reaper, playing with my soul.

The song recreates the feelings of the picture. Chaotic at the beginning it slowly reveals the order of the underlaying process:

“War is shown as an invisible power that follows the protagonist like an attached shadow.” Τ.Φ.

The perception of that order happens impulsively and these impulses of understaning are mirrored by the chorus, with all of its disharmonical, interupted riffs and reduced lyrics. As quick as the perception appears it also fades away, becoming chaos again, culminating in another vers.


Death and the Devil

Rhyme 2

Profound hatred, is what he passes to me .

I follow blindly, keep butchering meat.

But only he, benefits from it.

I am his instrument, serving him more souls.

Despite this knowledge, despite this only schematic interplay of cause and consequence, you remain powerless against this machinery of death. The fight of pro and contra is the basis of all changes in speed and rhythm which are used excessively in the three minutes of the song.

Ryhme 3

He is the power, that lies within.

He gives me might, to punish my foes.

It is my destiny, it really has to be,

I am the executioner, into the eternity.

At the end, a question remains. Is war altering people or do people alter war? This is synonymic with the question after the responsibilities for cruelties during war. Do people decide on size and scale or is it war, which would release people from their responsibility. Does a rock fall onto the ground because we release it or just because we stop holding it?

 Μ.Χ. on November, 5, 2013

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