V!C!M! #Totengeigen


Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge, Manet 1870

[names of the songs and all lyrics are loosely translated, for the original lyrics in german please visit the german section of our homepage]

The last song is the end of the third cycle. It is not only the end of a journey but further the beginning of a new cycle. War is going round in circles, as well as humans, who, again, are adicted to his spell. They are fighting for their freedom, but at the end there is only death and destruction. Humanity rebuilds themselves and renew their buildings only to destroy them again in a touch of madness. A selfironic picture of society who seems to raise again and again like a pheonix from the ashes only to throw themselves into darkness afterwards.


I was on a restless journey,

walked through dark and light again,

to the end of the world.

Lost my sense in time and space.

I followed his call,

I performed great things for him.

I did not ask a question,

I was just a small gearwheel.

I fell for his game,

I left what I loved.

He brought me far away,

Betrayed myself for my own luck.

He gifted me with so much things,

but only to take even more.

Two edges of a sharpened sword,

I cut my self with my own blade.

Now it ends how it began,

another high upon a rope.

Humanity is just lamenting

again there is the sound of drums.


He promised us salvation,

extinction is what is just left.

Though we follow him again,

accompanies us through dark times.

We are going round in circles.

this is how the war behaves,

accompanied by violins of the dead,

we rebuild what we just. destroyed.

We nearly arrived the end and what our journey clearly showed was that we were going round in circles. We are again were we started, were everything began. We also get back to Dix one last time, to his triptych War. The asymptote of his creation in context of the theme reviewed.

Τ.Φ. on January, 09, 2014

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