V!C!M! #Triptychon: Der Krieg


War, Dix 1932

Entry 4

It is all about seeing the things how they really are. This is necessary for true realism. You can not paint indignation. You have to say Yes to human statements which are present, and always will be. This not implies imperialistic wars, but destiny, which may occurs in certain circumstances and which has yet to prove itself. Exceptional situations show the true greatness of humanity, but also profligacy. In exceptional situations humans tend to show all their possibilities. However, many books still propagate heroism and heroic myths, which where already reduced to absurdity down in the trenches of World War 1. Humans tend to forget which unbelievable pain the had to live through during the times of war. This is also why I paint. This is how war is, just another object, a thing. Nothing more than a natural event but first and foremost, a huge mess.

The last sounds fade away, they breeze gently and leave a strange calm mood behind. Almost salutary, as if all songs before were not there. As if all words came from a nightmare we escaped with only sweat and tears. We start to relax and realize how colors come back to our worl. We start to understand and it becomes clearer, without any doubt, we start to forget…

 Μ.Χ. on January, 13, 2014

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