V!C!M! #Vor mir türmen sich die Scherben


Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge, Manet 1870

[names of the songs and all lyrics are loosely translated, for the original lyrics in german please visit the german section of our homepage]

In the year 1870, Manet volunteered for the Franco-German War to fight for the new born republic. He provided us with his 1870s painting Effet de neige à Petit-Montrouge a totally different view on war than Callot or de Goya. As dull and colorless as the picture also the song Vor mir türmen sich die Scherben [A Pile of Shards] starts off. Halting, a true piece of Doom Metal.

Rhyme 1

A pile of shards in front of me, the bells just faded away.

Where once life has been, everything covered in snow.

The lyrics are, just as in Der Baum der Gehängten, the translation of the imagery into a lyrical text. Lead by resignation this artwork shows a frightening, nearly post-apocalyptic world. A world frozen by snow and ice. If the true background of the picture would not be known, it could have been everywhere else but war.


Rage grows… Doubt festers…

Cold death, lurking, in the shadows.

Rage grows… What will happen?

An icy grave, or dying in blood?

The change between rhyme and chorus is fluent, the cold calmness, the frozen slowliness of the beginning are gone. During the pictures and songs before, the How of dying was obvious and there was no alternative but Yes or No. Now it seems that there are numerous possibilities and each and everyone passes the mind´s eye without ever repeating itself. This uncertainty culminates into rage and fear.

 Rhyme 2

I see fallow land,

covered with white glance.

The black horseman is on his way,

my only hope is to not encounter him.

Der Geist scheint vergiftet. Die Geschwindigkeit von Vers und Chorus machen wieder Platz für einen schweren Magma-artigen Einschub. Ein Gitarrensolo durchbricht die Monotonie, ein kurzes Aufflammen von Abwechslung der sonst so erdrückenden Langeweile. Der Augenblick ist kurz und wieder stürzen die Gedanken und Möglichkeiten auf einen herein, der Krieg füllt den Verstand vollständig und gnadenlos.

The mind seems poisoned. The speed of rhyme and chorus open the path for another magmatic slide-in. A guitar solo breaks the monotony, a short flare of variety during the overwhelming tedium. This moment is short and again thoughts and possibilities of war occour, poisoning the mind.

Μ.Χ. on December, 26, 2013


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