Vivito! Creato! Moritor! #Synopsis

Vivito! Creato! Moritor! is the musically way to translate the thoughts of Callot, de Goya, Manet and Dix into one language. The try to take a peek behind a term, to dig deeper, without even knowing what you are looking for. Music, lyrics and images are connected to each other, creating one unit, but still are only one possibility out of many to  take a view on war.

I hope I could give you a brief introduction on our world of thought and reveal some of our reasons. I hope even more that our LP gave you food for your thoughts, gave you a point of view, a perspective, you would not have thought about before. Our pursuit for making music lies within the search for unknown perspectives.

What is the essence of the LP? The answer is that you are should accept the thgouht that you understood the world. The mind has to be open to new ideas, it must not stand still and it must not fossilize. The essence is that, only when constantly reflecting upon the world, you can find true fulfillment.

Μ.Χ. on January, 23,  2014

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