Vivito! Creato! Moritor! #Introduction


The Place Where An Idea Became Reality

Vivito! Creato! Moritor! Live! Create! Die! This is the title of the LP we were working on for the last two years. Our aim was not only to create an exeptional musial work, but further to extend the whole idea with a concept that tries to immerse deeper into the subject, which kept our attention for so long, but was postponed due to a problem of time. We were not aware of impact of this small idea which spread into a firework of concepts and philosophical theories. But everything step by step.

For three years this idea of writing a conceptual album was present in my mind. Though I was not really aware of how this concept should look like, I began an aimless search. From time to time I wrote down ideas I had during reading, traveling by train, walking and even dreaming, but none of them was satisfying enough for me. When I came across the deaf and somehow chubby court painter de Goya, I knew I came across something captivating. I immersed into his works and somehow I recognized the tiny cross-references, connections and affinities to other painters and artists. Furthermore, a whole concept cumulated which now is known as our album.

I imagined cyclical connections between Callo, de Goya and Manet. A chronology of horror, explicit in the beginning, vague and unconscious in the end. These cycles were then encompassed with another artist, another cycle if you will, which represents the first half of Otto Dix’ biography and is surrounding the others for one reason: he comprehended the ideas of the other artists and created a painting which is exceptional compared to the others.

We made our frist step on a journey, which takes us through the most surreal parts of our imagination, which allows us to immerse deeper into the swampy, acrid, and despicable landscapes of the event called war. His ending is foreshadowed: terror, agony, torture, death, and the devastating perception of its cyclical nature. It is said that we cannot answer the question of how we are able to overcome this event, but who holds us back in trying to do so?

Μ.Χ. on October, 15, 2013

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